Get to Know Denise

Denise is a coach who works with anyone experiencing a broken heart. She guides them to move beyond the deep sadness of death, divorce or loss of any kind.
Through the numerous years Denise has spent as a Hospice Chaplain and Bereavement Counselor, she has encountered many who simply feel they can not go on.

Denise has worked with countless grievers coaching them beyond a place where they feel stuck, numb and alone. Instead they learn how to transform that grief. They show up for their lives again with desire and motivation.

Working with both individuals and groups, she offers the action oriented, evidence based Grief Recovery Method, as well as, a class entitled, "Helping Children with Loss". Both may be conducted in person or virtually.

Denise holds a Master's Degree in Counseling from Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary. She is a Counselor, a Hospice Chaplain and a Board Certified Life Coach. Denise is also a Certified Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist and an Advanced Directive Educator.

Outside of her passion helping others through their journey of loss, she loves spending time with family and friends, being at the beach or walking though nature. She enjoys riding her Peloton bike and has a hobby distressing furniture. In addition, Denise facilitates her spiritual growth through individual and group Bible Study.
What others are saying....
5.00 Stars
Before I began this program, I had hit a wall with my grief that I couldn’t seem to move past. I was stuck. Neither my upbringing nor the society we live in had prepared me for handling grief. I was telling myself to be strong for my kids and for my husband, and to just keep busy so that I could move on. No matter what I did, however, the crippling grief followed. Through The Grief Recovery Method program I learned how to honor my grief and examine relationships in a open and honest way, focusing on how different events between myself and the people I am grieving for made me feel. Putting names to the emotions that came up helped me to let go of some of the sadness, regrets, and bitterness that was weighing my heart down. Now that I have used the program to complete a couple of losses, I can recognize and honor the emotions that come up when I think of that person without becoming stuck in an emotional vortex. I am forever changed and better equipped to handle grief thanks to my coach, Denise, and The Grief Recovery Method!"  Participant in Londonderry, NH